Brett Markinson

CEO & Founder

Brett Markinson is the CEO and founder of Innovent Capital Group. Over the past 30 years, Brett has been a serial entrepreneur, actively involved in the development of 35+ businesses, with a focus on companies leveraging disruptive technology. His businesses have been nominated 4 times for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year Award and he has been a part of the winning team twice with (sold to Nordstrom for $270M) and (sold to Experian for $388M). Brett also founded and serves as executive chair of The OIX, an enterprise SaaS software company innovating the tax credit marketplace for Fortune 500s.


David Jette

Entrepreneur in Residence

David Jette is our Entrepreneur-in-residence. He has fifteen years experience as a founder, entrepreneur and executive. For ten years he has led the development and management of the Innovent Group portfolio of companies. David is focused on the intersection of finance and technology and where innovations can unlock value and equity in housing, lending, and climate change mitigation.

David is also a public policy and legislative consultant for California Public Banking Alliance, working with lawmakers and regulators on municipal and county banking and investment legislation in California.


Keith Yoder

Business Operations Manager

Keith Yoder serves as business operations manager for all portfolio companies at Innovent Capital Group. He maintains deep knowledge for execution of loan and real estate transactions, market research and analysis for projects, and exploration of new fields of investment in line with strategic directives as well as day-to-day operations within the portfolio. Keith has a particular interest in blockchain technology and digital finance solutions,and loves looking at unique ways to approach age-old problems, together.


Amy Harmon

Project Manager

Amy Harmon is the Project Manager for Innovent Capital Group. Amy oversees deployment and marketing of the company's social media application, Quibble and provides creative, administrative and operational support to all portfolio companies. Amy has over fifteen years experience in the entertainment and hospitality industries where she led operations for large Los Angeles-based restaurant groups and founded and serves on the board of an arts non-profit. Amy is also a wine enthusiast and a sommelier certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers.


Jade Markinson

Business Associate

Jade Markinson is a recent NYU graduate with a degree in research psychology. Her past work experience includes working in research and development within an incubator 25Madison, across 5 different consumer facing startups. Her main role was market research for new monetization opportunities for existing companies and research into possible new spaces for developing new companies. She also worked in business development and marketing since pre-launch at a alcohol startup, Onda before joining the Innovent team.